Tuesday, 23 December 2014

About me

My name is jordan loh jun lin.
I am from Nanyang Primary School.
I know you guys in SST are excited of the years you are going to spend with us in the school.
My peers can just call me by my name"jordan".
i have some hobbies.
  1. I love playing ultimate(some of you may know it as frisbee or ultimate frisbee).
  2. I am a gamer 
  3. I love technology
  4. I am a violinist
  5.  I love classical music(especially composed by vivaldi.Instuments i like are the  baroque violin ,harpsichord,medieval harp etc)
  6. I love food
  7.  I love to cook
  8. I love to bake
 I love to talk to people.I also love to play cards.

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